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Russell Cleveland Collection

Russell Cleveland Collection

Russel Cleveland Collection

The Russell Cleveland Collection is one of the most important guitar collections in the world. This collection is comprised of 63 instruments spanning the years 1830 to 2011, and represents the most important guitar makers from the past 185 years.

Among are guitars like for example Julian Bream’s famed 1957 Hauser II and Segovia’s 1969 Ramirez which he used regularly from 1969-1980. The Russell Cleveland Collection was illsutrated and made famous in the book “Classical Guitar: A Complete History” by John Morrish. But has now mostly been sold through the Guitar Salon International (GSI) in Los Angeles, USA.

You can see guitars from the Cleveland Collection here.

I had the opportunity to visit GSI to take a look at a large selection of these breathtaking guitars. The idea begind was to create documetation of the construction of these famous instruments. Therfore, all of the required measurements and special construction features have been noted. In this way I am able to create original replicas of each particular instrument. Finally, I would like to thank to everyone at GSI for this unique opportunity.

The following list contains a selection of outstanding guitars which can be reconstructed for you on the basis of the original. In the end, there aren’t available a lot of such collectible guitars on the market, or they are immense expensive. But with such a replica it is possible to achieve a similar sound like the original. Enjoy!



Russell Cleveland Collection- Santos Herandez 1921

 Santos Hernandez 1921
Russell Cleveland Collection - Hermann Hauser 1957

Hermann Hauser II 1957 (Ex-Bream)

Russell Cleveland Collection - José Ramirez

José Ramirez 1969 (Ex-Segovia)


Russell Cleveland Collection - Miguel Rodriguez 1976

Miguel Rodriguez 1976 (Ex- Pepe  Romero)
Russell Cleveland Collection - Hermann Hauser

  Hermann Hauser I 1935