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Classic Guitar

Classic Guitar

Classic Guitar

The sound of my classic guitar has been developing constantly after the last 10 years due to the experience I am gaining by each guitar. Taste is always changing because of new experiences which are integrated step by step in the design of new instruments.

Volume of a classical guitar still has a high priority in my conception, but not at any price.  I do not use double-tops on my classic guitar because I don’t want to reduce the spertum of the timbres. Therefore, a solid top is just preferable. Volume however, I do achieve with a very stiff laminated ribs construction, which in the end isn’t less powerfull than a double-top. The solid top, in comparison to the double-top, has the advantge that the sound will be modulated more easily by the player.


Meanwhile my design can no longer be assigned to any well-known master, because an own construction has developed over the years. With laminated ribs that are strongly stiffened to the top, I generate the required power, which at the same time keeps the energy of the vibrating string on the top, increasing sustain. A strong bridge plate ensures a clean separation of voices, adds beautiful overtones to which are not infecting its clarity.

A newly developed saddle compensation ensures a cleaner tuning.


As a finish, I am using only french polish for the entire instrument, which is applied by hand in the traditional technique. French polish has considerable advantages compared to other finishes. It leaves only a very thin, protective layer on the guitar due to the method of application, which allows a wider range of vibration for the top. In this way the instruments gains more volume and sonority compared to artificial lacquers. Shellac also has the advantage that it is reversible and very easy to maintain.

Neck dimensions and wood selection after consultation





Back & Sides

Madagascar Rosewood

Indian Rosewood



Scale Length

640 mm

650 mm


Gotoh 35G-510P


French Polish


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