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In my workshop, unique handmade guitars are created in numerous hours of work, which are made individually according to your wishes and needs. Of course, your ideas about sound, ergonomics and aesthetics are also taken into account. I would be happy to advise you in detail on your search for the right model.

Double Top Model

My goal in building a double top guitar is to create an instrument...

Torres Copies

This Torres copy is a replica of the 1859 Antonio de Torres...

Classic Model

The sound of my classic guitar has been developing constantly after...


I always have some instruments in stock that you can play for a tryout. The following models are available in my workshop: Classical guitar - spruce/rosewood | Torres copy FE17 with Tornavoz | Torres copy - spruce cypress

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Volker Höh plays a Wurth guitar

Volker Höh

...extreme high level guitars...

Scott Tennant

Shin-ich Fukuda plays a Wurth guitar

Shin-ichi Fukuda

...the power of his guitars is very impressive, without losing any sound colours, what a joy...

Serdar Darcan

I am offering a discount of 30% to students


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NEW - Double Top Guitar

Double Top Guitar - Cedar/Nomax with Ind.Rosewood

advantage of weight up to 25% | laminated ribs

Attack and “Echo-Effect“

comfortable playability | improved responsivness and attack | more high overtones with ''Echo-Effect''


specificly workout top for more tone colour | improved intonation because of individual Stringcompensation