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In my workshop I am producing exclusively handmade Classical and Flamenco Guitars. Perfect craftsmanship, the selection of best tonewood and an elegant appearance of the whole instrument is taking first place besides the beauty of its sound.

The sound design of my guitars begins even before the first plane stroke, with the selection of the correct wood. The feeling you get by holding the top in your hands is crucial for how it has to be worked out to achieve in combination of body and neck, the sound you are previously hearing inside you.

I would like to offer my customers to share their own musical ideas with me in conversation and to integrate that in my construction in order to create a guitar matched to the individual sound ideals of the customer. Of course any neck dimensions for a better feeling in the left hand can be realized individually for each client.



Top cracked, frets used, string action unplayable?

Then you can visit me in my workshop. I will gladly repair any damage and defects if possible.

Prices after Consultation




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If the shellac of your guitar has visually lost its shine, if scratches and nail marks annoy you or if you want to increase the value of your instrument for resale I can gladly overhaul and revarnish your shellac to get back the optically mint condition of the entire instrument.

Prices after Consultation



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