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Benno Streu (1927-2007)

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 team streu bennoTrained in precision engineering and electronics Benno Streu was working as a director of Laboratory for Development of an internationally renowned manufacturing company of precision mechanical and medical devices in Freiburg / Breisgau until his retirement in 1989. Since 1959 Benno was engaged with the acoustic and restoration of musical instruments, in particular with the Spanish Guitar and was regarded as one of the world's foremost experts of this instrument.

A guitar he bought many years ago failed to satisfy his tonal expectations and led him to a more detailed examination of this problem. It was the beginning of an amazing path to a deeper undestanding about the functionality of plucked instruments.

He developed a special method locating antinodes on the top only with his knuckles which produces certain muddy sound characteristics. He was able
to control these antinodes also of a finished instrument to improve the sound of individual notes.

Benno Streu has been a magician for many and a genius for others. For me he has become a blessing, because of a happenstance I was able to take over his entire workshop equipment. Special thanks go to his son Dietmar Streu who ultimately made all this possible.  

I hope to be able to carry on a small part of his legacy.






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