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Flamenco Guitar

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Gitarre Flamenco 2 ''Flamenco es la fuente donde nace el ritmo de la vida''
                           [author unkown]    

'' Flamenco is the source of the rhythm of life''. This statement describes perfectly the spirit which I try to integrate in the manufacturing process of my instruments. I want to allow the player to let his emotions run free so that he can express himself unrestrained and vituosly.

The basis for this is a excellent playability that has to be adjusted individually for each player. Because of a very good balance between attack and sustain, my guitars are convenient for fast as well as for slow played passages which leave a lot of space for the player. The sweet, singing trebles match perfectly the solistic articulation, whereas the crystallin and presnet Rasqueados set strong accents.


First and foremost my guitars are built very light and thin. The top is constructed traditionally with an arrangement of seven fan-struts. Because of its shaping I achieve a targeted clean and modern sound. Back and ribs optionally available with cypress or Indian rosewood.


The design is kept simple with strong colouring. The soundhole is decorated with a simple rosette of strong colour contrasts which are also found in the purfling of the bindings that conveys the lively temperament of flamenco at first glance.


I am exclusively using shellac as finish for the entire instrument which is applied by hand in the traditional technique. Compared to other varnishes shellac offers considerable advantages by leaving only a very thin and protective layer in the method of application which is less confining the vibrations of the top than synthetic varnishes, therefore the guitar is gaining more force of projection. Shellac also has the advantage that it is reversible and very easy to maintain.



Spruce / Cedar

Back and Ribs

Cypress / Indian Rosewood

Scale Length

650 mm / 655 mm

Neck Width

Nut: 53 mm
12th Fret: 63 mm

Neck Thickness

Nut: 21 mm
10th Fret: 23 mm

String Distance

Nut: 44 mm
Bridge: 60 mm

Machine Head

Rubner with Teflon Cover


French Polish

All measurements can be changed and adapted to the specifications of the customer


4.900 €



© 2013 by Dominik Wurth



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