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Classical Guitar

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klassik topMy classical model combines the tonal benefits of the modern spirit with the charm of tradition. Power and volume paired with a round, smooth and sweet tone allow my guitars to be the best choice for the soloists on stage and due to their excellent assertiveness you also can take position in the ensemble.

My guitars are characterized by a fast response, lots of sustain and clear singing trebles. The comprehensive existing overtones flood the whole room and allow the players to express themselves virtuously. The excellent playability makes you feel immediately comfortable on my instruments, which allows you to indulge in daily newfound tone colours.


My topbracing is significantly influenced by guitar makers such as Antonio Marin, Robert Bouchet and Daniel Friederich. I'm also working with a lot of cross stiffness in the area around the bridge, which improves sustain, emphasize overtones and helps to create a big sound. Ribs and back are heavily reinforced, giving the guitar more power and volume which can be clearly perceived by the player.


The visual appearance is kept classically elegant. The sound hole is bordered by a handmade mosaic rosette which harmonizes perfectly in terms of color with the purfling of the bindings. My pursuit of perfection is focused on a clean and precise workmanship while manufacturing is reflected in the result.


I am exclusively using shellac as finish for the entire instrument which is applied by hand in the traditional technique. Compared to other varnishes shellac offers considerable advantages by leaving only a very thin and protective layer in the method of application which is less confining the vibrations of the top than synthetic varnishes, therefore the guitar is gaining more force of projection. Shellac also has the advantage that it is reversible and very easy to maintain.



Spruce / Cedar

Back and Ribs

Indian Rosewood / Maple

Scale Length

640 mm / 650 mm

Neck Width

Nut: 53 mm
12th Fret: 63 mm

Neck Thickness

Nut: 22 mm
10th Fret: 24 mm

String Distance

Nut: 44 mm
Bridge: 60 mm

Machine Head

Gotoh 35G-510P-P/Br


French Polish

All measurements can be changed and adapted to the specifications of the customer


5.500 €



© 2013 by Dominik Wurth



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